How Was Cardboard Box Invented?

There are a lot of things that we use every day and cardboard boxes are for sure one of them. They are used to pack things in a grocery shop. Most cereals come packed in these. Also, order online or plan to ship things, this is the best option to bring your things to you very safely. They are perfect when you are planning to move in or out of a place. Not just that, there are many other creative ways to use cardboard boxes. You can use it as a house for your little pet or make good greeting cards or gifts. How was this made? Who found the cardboard box? Here is a detailed report.

The invention:

The pre-cut cardboard box was invented by a Scottish called Robert Gair in the 1890s but how it was invented dates back to the 1870s. Gair was a paper bag maker and a printer. Actually, the invention of cardboard was an accident. Once, when Gair was, as usual working on printing an order, by mistake, a metal ruler that was supposed to be used to crease bags, cut the bag. He then got an idea that on creasing and cutting in proper points, he can make boxes with paper instead of bags. Later, cardboard came into being and with the same principle, he made cardboard boxes. This was how it came into being. The main part here is that cardboard does not actually use many resources as it contains recycled materials too. It is just recycled paper which is put inside two liners which are made up of recycled content from cardboard itself or sometimes second-hand papers.

From the time this was invented, this has been used by many people. Every cardboard box company has been selling enough and it has not faced any problems or losses. These are used in many fields and are easy to manufacture.