This Is The Best Way To Play The Game

Runescape is one of the best strategy games that are available today. The key to Runescape is survival. Once you are able to survive in Runescape the rest will take care of itself. One of the first steps to survival is collecting resources. A lot of people get attacked and are unable to avoid attacks from hostile mobs because they do not have sufficient resources. Once you have sufficient resources to survive for one night you should stop collecting. Over collecting will make you slow and weary. You should use the resources to build a shelter. The shelter can be small however must be quite strong. With old school runescape bot you are introduced to a number of villains that you need to be aware of. A strong shelter can keep them away.

Once you have the strong shelter you should then light up your shelter. It is common knowledge that hostile mobs only choose to attack when it is dark. If you do not want to be mobbed by the hostile mob then you need to ensure that you keep the shelter and the place around it completely lit through the night. Once the hostile mob sees the light they will not come near your shelter and you will be completely safe.

Runescape teaches you the key to survival. You should learn tactics and learn about the weakness of your enemy before going into battle. Being well prepared for battle is half the battle won. While there are a number of server companies that offer deals on Runescape servers, it is always essential to compare the services between two server companies before investing in one. While it is important to check the prices, you need to remember that the price does not determine whether or not the server is good or bad.