Rental Management Software Gives You The Power To The Ultimate: Documentary Manager

Now finding your documents is much easier with this rental management software system. You can associate the documentation to your files, clients, opposites and share them in network with the rest of users who have access to see this information. Tokeet integrates a word processor based on Microsoft Word through which you can design all types of documents and templates. At the same time you can associate it with the property, performance, client, etc. To get the app reviews for Tokeet, kindly visit the website and be updated always. Effective document management is an essential task if you want to achieve high performance in your work.

Sending SMS and Mail

The software incorporates a program of sending emails, from which you can send mail individually or massively to your customers or suppliers. It allows you to create templates and use them, for example, to inform your clients of the status of their files. It has a complete billing manager, from which you can check and record the different movements of the properties and tenants and through the billing options you can generate the corresponding invoices and receipts. It allows generating bank files to directly bill invoices by bank. It is an effective way to you in order to manage the corporate affairs.

Conclusion: Reports and invoices editor

Thanks to the complete document design system, it has a complete report generator and invoices that can be designed by the user and linked to Microsoft Office. Thanks to its integration with Microsoft Office, the lists and reports can be customized by the user, can develop all kinds of documents and store them as templates for later use. This RMS allows you to work in a network with unlimited computers connected simultaneously, so you can work at the same time from several computers.