Why You Should Check The Site For Unique Text?

Uniqueness – the value (expressed as a percentage), which can be determined using special search engine algorithms. If uniqueness is low, then the pieces of your text coincide with the content that is already on the web. Accordingly, a high rate of uniqueness is due to the absence of any matches.

The thing is this: when search engines find a frank dirty copy-paste (copied article, content repetition), they throw it out of the issue along with the site where it is located. Indeed, why show the user the same thing accordingly, the position of the site immediately fall and SEOs crying in the corner.

That is why copywriters and sympathizers work on rewriting, study the dictionary of synonyms, or try to look at the “bicycle” from a completely different angle. Here is more information about free plagiarism checker.

Checking the text for uniqueness is needed in several cases:

If you order an article to a copywriter:

Re-checking the uniqueness of the text is needed in order to understand if you have not been deceived. With the help of certain programs, you can easily find out where the employee took the text that is trying to sell you.

If you create content for your site:

Do you use clichés? Quotes, Common phrases: All this can reduce the uniqueness of the text. A few coincidences – is not always theft.

When articles are already posted on the site:

If you have a cool text, then one day they will definitely try to steal it. So just in case, sometimes check the uniqueness of posted articles. To do this, you need to check for plagiarism in the program or on the site (if you check online) put your site to ignore and see matches with other resources.


Plus the Grammarly service – in its simple, user-friendly interface and effective plagiarism check function, this allows you to compare text with more than 8 billion web pages. To check any text for plagiarism, simply drag the file or copy and paste the text on a web page. Moreover, Grammarly does not just check the text for plagiarism: the site will help you check spelling and grammatical errors and suggest suitable words in context, which helps to improve the quality of the texts. A potential disadvantage for international journalists is that Grammarly is available only in English.