Web Hosting

Common Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing A Web Host

The hosting quotient of a website plays a major role in determining the visibility, usability and security of your site. Thus one has to be really careful while choosing a web hosting company. Your task does not end with building an amazing website. You should be equally careful in choosing your web host. The post below sums up the common mistakes observed while choosing a web host so that you can steer clear away from those flaws.

Taking to free hosts

Yes, price is a major factor and we all want to save. But we can’t forget, quality comes at a price. The bottom-line is free hosts cannot offer you the desired quality service that is offered by paid sites. If price is a factor, you can take to a shared hosting plan. With free hosting plans, you have to share the space with umpteen numbers of people. Shared hosting too involves shared service but here the people with whom you will share are always limited. Thus, shared hosting is always safer than free hosting. Put simply, your focus should on reasonably cheap web hosts and not plain free hosts.

Not checking reviews

A lot of site owners make the mistake of settling with the first hosting service they come across online. But you should always take a comparative study on 4-5 companies beforehand and study their reviews before the final sign up. The study will help you to get a vivid picture about the actual quality and reputation of each site.

Not checking their service & support beforehand

A lot of hosting companies make big claims on uptime, bandwidth, customer support and other resources. But do not make the mistake of investing your hard-earned money on a hosting company before you check and verify these claims. You should know not all such claims could be true. For example, a hosting company may claim to offer 24/7 support. You will never know whether you will actually get that round the clock attention unless you don’t call them at odd hours.